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TwinBin Racking

TwinBin Racking
TwinBin Racking
TwinBin Racking

TwinBin Racking and Accessories

TwinBin Racking is available in two standard sizes, but can be custom made to any size.

The racks are available in Mild Steel and Bosch Rexroth Aluminium Extrusion.

Note: Please contact us for details or see page 35 of our 2017/18 Product Digest.


  • Heavy duty floor markings and labels indicate the location of each rack. HGPRACKFLOORMARKINGS
  • Castors allow mobility around site. Sets come with 2 locking and 2 swivel. Available in regular and heavy duty. HGPCASTORS
  • Handles can be attached to improve control when moving the rack. HGPRKHANDLES
  • Triangular headers identify racks and prevent FOD being placed on top of the bins. Available with printing of your choice. HGP0.75HEADER HGP1.5HEADER
  • Removable collection trays used to prevent FOD from dropping on the floor. HGPMS0.75TRAYS HGPMS1.5TRAYS
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Price: £0.00
SKU H x W x D (mm) Product Price
HGPMS0.75RACK 1900 x 750 x 600 750mm Racking £0.00 +VAT
HGPMS1.5RACK 1900 x 1500 x 600 1500mm Racking £0.00 +VAT

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